*** Coaching Sessions ***

Zenergetic Kids is now offering coaching sessions on Gestalt Language Processing / NLA and Sensory Strategies. 

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Current Classes

Zenergetic Kids is now providing speech teletherapy in Maryland and Florida (Florida Telehealth)!

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Speak Yoga 2 Me

Created and taught  by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Speak Yoga 2 Me uses yoga and mindfulness activities to facilitate early speech and language development. Yoga poses, songs, and games are used to introduce developmentally appropriate vocabulary, expand expressive language, and improve listening skills. This class is appropriate for children with special needs.

Bendy Buddies

This Class combines yoga poses, stories, songs, and games to provide children with a multi-sensory learning experience.  Children will learn how to breathe, focus their minds, and strengthen their bodies while having fun in this unique and high energy class.

Stretchy Storytime

The goal of this class is to help children love books and become more engaged in reading by making the stories interactive. Children’s stories will be brought to life through yoga poses.